Who is the inventor of metal detectors?

Answer Alexander Graham Bell invented the first metal detector in 1881. The device was invented with the hope that it might be able to assist doctors in finding a bullet lodged in President James Garfield... Read More »

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The Use of Metal Detectors at Schools?

In many school districts across America, metal detectors have become a common sight at the school gates. The idea behind them is to stop guns and knives from getting onto campus, which could result... Read More »

How harmful are metal detectors?

Almost no studies exist on the effects of mid-range electromagnetic frequencies used by metal detectors, but it seems unlikely they could cause any damage, according to Christopher J. Portier of th... Read More »

Metal Detectors in Colleges?

Since the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, there has been considerable debate over the necessity and appropriateness of metal detectors in colleges. On the one hand, the advantage of having metal dete... Read More »

Can i use metal detectors in california parks?

While it is legal to pass a metal detector over the ground at California State Parks, people may not pry or dig out any object that the detector may find if it disturbs the animals, plants, geologi... Read More »