Who is the inventor of blu ray?

Answer Yes you can! I have not tried it but apparently there is backwards compatibility!

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How to Be an Inventor?

Being an inventor is fun, although it takes hard work, determination, and, a lot of imagination that seems to be so discouraged to anyone but little children. Think you have what it takes? Read on,... Read More »

Who was the inventor of pac-man?

Namco programmer Toru Iwatani invented the "Pac-Man" arcade game. Iwatani was inspired to create the classic video game character after seeing a pizza with one slice removed. According to Iwatani i... Read More »

Who is the inventor of tea?

There is no authentic record so to say as to who discovered tea though Chinese legend has it that tea was discovered by chance by the Chinese Emperor, Shan Nong, in 2700 B.C.According to the legend... Read More »

Inventor of the blu-ray?