Who is the inventor of Purell?

Answer Purell was invented by GOJO Industries, a company founded in 1946. Purell began as a product to help restaurants halt the spread of contaminants in food. The Purell product was sold to Pfizer in 20... Read More »

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When was Purell first used?

Purell instant hand sanitizer was invented by GOJO Canada in 1988 for use in the food service and health care communities. In 1997, it became available around the world as a consumer product, and i... Read More »

Who owns Purell?

Purell is owned by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies. Pfizer and GOJO have also owned Purell in the past. Purell manufactures one of the most popular hand sanitizer products on the market.Source... Read More »

I just drank some purell?

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Why does Purell evaporate?

The active ingredient in some instant hand sanitizers, including Purell, is ethyl alcohol. According to the Purell brand website, ethyl alcohol makes up about 65 percent of the liquid hand sanitize... Read More »