Who is the inventor of OxiClean?

Answer OxiClean, an oxygen-based stain remover, was invented by Max Appel and his cleaning products company, Orange Glo. Church & Dwight Co, Inc. currently produces and sells OxiClean, and the late Billy ... Read More »

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Can you mix vinegar& Oxiclean?

Vinegar and Oxiclean combine to form a mixture that removes pet stains and odors in furniture and on carpets. Clothing stains and odors also can be removed by combining Oxiclean and vinegar in the ... Read More »

Can I use OxiClean on velvet?

Do not use OxiClean to clean velvet since velvet is made of silk, cotton, nylon, mohair or wool. Velvet requires special care and dry cleaning. OxiClean should not be used with wool, silk and othe... Read More »

Is OxiClean an enzymatic?

OxiClean is enzymatic. It removes stains from clothing caused by enzymes in blood, milk and grass. This cleaner also removes alkaline stains, such as perspiration and mustard, as well as oxidizable... Read More »

Is Oxiclean a disinfectant?

Oxiclean is a versatile cleaning product that is traditionally known for getting tough stains out of laundry and carpet. It is also a multi-purpose cleanser in the bathroom or in the kitchen, as i... Read More »