Am I the hottest guy, should I model?

Answer You look mad HOMO, dude!! Kinda like Boy George...u fruitloop azz MF!Plus, you're a SICK MF for being proud of making a girl commit suicide.....

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Who Is The Hottest Chick Ever On Days?

What is the hottest pepper you have ever eaten?

I've been growing the Ghost Chili - Bhut Jalokia for three or four years now.I grow them as a novelty and for bragging rights to growing the most difficult of the tropical peppers in Z4 Dakota.I've... Read More »

What's the hottest curry you have ever eaten?

I tried a Phall once. It was made with habanero and one ghost chili. It was amazing.

What is the hottest, spiciest food you ever tried?

hot wings with "daves insanity sauce" on them