Who is the highest paid NFL player in history?

Answer In 2004, quarterback Peyton Manning made $35,037,700. Due to a $34.5 million signing bonus, Manning made the highest single-year total salary in NFL history. The biggest contract in NFL history was... Read More »

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Which professional athlete has the highest vertical leap in the world?

Kadour Ziani is believed to be the professional athlete with the highest vertical leap in the world. Ziani, who has hit 60 inches with his vertical leap, was actually a professional soccer player b... Read More »

Which hispanic athlete signed the biggest sports deal in history?

In 2007, Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod") signed a 10-year $275 million deal--the biggest contract in sports history as of 2010, according to Major League Baseball. A-Rod's new contract broke the record se... Read More »

Who is the only athlete in history to have played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series?

As of 2010, Deion Sanders is the only person to ever play in a World Series and Super Bowl, according to Nutty About Sports. Sanders appeared in the 1992 World Series with the Atlanta Braves, and t... Read More »

Why does a trained athlete have a better lung capacity than a untrained athlete?

They are used to running around and doing much harder work than the untrained athlete.