Who is the head of Hamas?

Answer The current leader of Hamas is Khaled Meshal. In May of 2009, followers elected Meshal to a fourth term as the leader of the political wing of Hamas. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin founded Hamas in 1987, and ... Read More »

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When was Hamas created?

The pro-Palestine group Hamas was formed in 1987 as the result of a new breakout in intense Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The name is an Islamic acronym for "Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia," which ... Read More »

Is Hamas Muslim?

Hamas is a Muslim Palestinian terrorist group founded in 1987. It remains tightly affiliated with its mother organization, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Its main base of power, Gaza, borders Egy... Read More »

What is in a Hamas rocket?

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Hamas Qassam missiles weigh about 200 pounds and carry a warhead of TNT, other high explosives and metal to add shrapnel to the blast effects of the explo... Read More »

Where is Hamas located?

Hamas is a Palestinian terrorist organization, with its main power base in Gaza, which shares borders with Egypt and Israel. In 2007, following post-election violence with other Palestinian groups,... Read More »