Can anybody direct me to a vendor that sells hardware that processes 8mm film to my computer for DVD?

Answer The cheap do-it-yourself kits work, but not very well. Basically they give you a box with a 8mm film projector and a small screen, and you aim your camcorder at the screen. You'll get a picture, ... Read More »

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Have you ever gone to a place that exclusively sells burgers and they couldn't even get that right?

Hahahaha - happens all the time. It's remarkable how many restaurants there are where they really can't cook. Sometimes their food is outright uneatable.

Why were infomercials used to sell products?

Manufacturers discovered that by packaging advertising material as a television talk show and featuring celebrity guest appearances, they could capture consumer attention and dramatically raise awa... Read More »

How to Locate a Store That Sells Webkinz?

Webkinz are cute stuffed animals that can come to life online.

Is there a place that sells cheap blu-ray movies?

Amazon has a really large selection at low prices. I've bought many movies from them myself. Here's the link for blu-ray movies…