Why were infomercials used to sell products?

Answer Manufacturers discovered that by packaging advertising material as a television talk show and featuring celebrity guest appearances, they could capture consumer attention and dramatically raise awa... Read More »

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I cleaned a stain on my matress using Ammonia and oxyclean and pine sol. no damage happened?

If it's dry and you can't smell it anymore then everything is fine.

Double kitchen sink has a foul organic smell like wet roots doesn't run slow no disposal do have a dishwasher no smell there have flushed it with hot water oxyclean and drain cleaner?

Do this. Pour baking soda into both sinks until baking soda can be seen in the drain. Pour white vinegar into the baking soda. It will foam massively, so step back. Keep pouring vinegar into the ba... Read More »

Who sells Rit dye?

You can purchase Rit dye, a fabric dye made by Phoenix Brands, in craft stores, such as JoAnn's Fabric and Michael's. Some drug stores and retailers, like CVS, Walmart and Target, also sell the dye... Read More »

Can anyone tell me who sells "Less"?

oh, I know it! it's sold in HUGE bottles, a mix of vodka and scotchyou can mix it yourself at home too