Greatest Rock Band Off All Time?

Answer either cradle of filth , metallica,slayer or black sabbath im talkin proper rock not mcr or fall out boy **** have good tastes in music

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Who is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll star of all time and why?

It's Elvis Presley. I know there are some of you that think he is so outdated. But that isn't the question here. He changed the way music was presented to the youth of this country and the world. Y... Read More »

Whats the greatest rock group of all time?

mariah u are a legend i agree that iron maiden are the greatest they are legends there best song is somewhere in time or purgatory and also steve harris a legend bassist

Forget VH-1...How about a R&P Greatest Hard Rock Songs of all time?

Robert Plant... greatest guitarist alive (couldn't let it pass )?

ummm o me o my how about zzzz's answer. haha i kid i kid. i dont kno i actually havnt seen too many stupid things latley. of course i probably just cant remember but if i think of any ill edit.rea... Read More »