Who has the greatest army in the world?

Answer the British army is the best trained and to prove this has conquered the largest space of land than any other nation in the world. the American army is the most well equip and attain the greatest s... Read More »

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Who is the greatest earthbender in the world?

Ok, what is the greatest song in the world?

I don't know. I haven't heard them all to give an opinion.

Star this question if you think Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer in the world?

You mean IS the greatest entertainer in the world.And here goes the starr.

What issue or concern do you think poses the greatest challenge to the future of United States or the world?

Economic collapse due to failure of current monetary systems as well as gross national indebtedness largely due to the weight of entitlements and various other types of social programs. We are seei... Read More »