Robert Plant... greatest guitarist alive (couldn't let it pass )?

Answer ummm o me o my how about zzzz's answer. haha i kid i kid. i dont kno i actually havnt seen too many stupid things latley. of course i probably just cant remember but if i think of any ill edit.rea... Read More »

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Since everyone knows that the Cure is the greatest band of all time, who do you think is the second greatest?

the Cure of course - they're so good they take up two spots

How to Be a Lead Guitarist?

You could rock out like this guy.Rock bands have one, blues bands have one, even pop bands. Read on to learn how to become the lead guitarist.

How to Become a Professional Guitarist?

Hey, if you were looking for an easy quick way to become a "Slash" over night then you've come to the WRONG place, the only way you're gonna get to the top of anything is working your arse off.

How to Be a Good Guitarist?

Playing the guitar is a challenging yet satisfying skill. Learning how to play the instrument may be frustrating at first; but with discipline, dedication and time, anyone can become a good guitarist.