The greatest ever?

Answer Hendrix - for moving music onto another dimension,Eminem - for moving lyrical synchopation onto another plane,Steve Vai - for showing how a guitar can be an extension of your mind,Chuck Berry - for... Read More »

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Who was the greatest Marine ever?

That depends, Chesty Puller was awarded four Navy Crosses for bravery in combat, Carlos Hathcock USMC sniper has 93 confirmed kills, John Basoline in World War 2 won the Medal of Honor at Guadalcan... Read More »

What is the greatest 80's song ever?

"Wake me up before you go go" - WhamHaha ! So 80's ! I don't if its the best .. but it's certainly the most ridiculous !

What was the greatest ZX Spectrum 48K game ever?

Oooohhhh the memories..... everytime i think of one, another pops into my head.Monty on the runDaley Thompson DecathlonHypersportsSabrewolfJet set willySkool DazeKnight loreAirwolf

Whats was the greatest childrens program ever.?

muppet babies cartoon, animal and the dog were my favourites