Who was the first basketball player to score 100 points in a basketball game?

Answer Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors was the first NBA player to score 100 points in one game. Chamberlain scored exactly 100 points on March 2, 1962, when the Warriors defeated the New Yo... Read More »

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Be a Pro Basketball Player?

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Who is the tallest player in basketball in the nba?

At an unbelievable 7 feet 6 inches and 310 pounds, Yao Ming, of the Houston Rockets, is the tallest player in the NBA, as of July 2010. Although he missed the 2009 to 2010 season with a leg injury... Read More »

How to Defend a Basketball Player?

Defense is the most important and, for some, the most fun part of basketball. Learn how to be your team's defensive stopper.

How to Be a Confident Basketball Player?

Sometimes you really like playing basketball, but you are really afraid to make a mistake and everyone yells at you? Do you freeze up in a game and you don't know what to do? That happened to every... Read More »