If you could dedicate some songs to disgraced Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, which ones would you select?

Answer "Adios"- KMFDM"$hit For Brains"- KMFDM"Loser"- The Descendants"Abolish Government"- TSOL"Go To Hell"- KMFDM"Small Man, Big Mouth"- Minor Threat"Liar"- Sex Pistols"Problems"- Sex Pistols"I Hate You"... Read More »

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What is the job of the governor of a state?

A governor is an elected official found in the United States of America. Serving as the head of a state, this politician directs its legislative and financial agenda. Additionally, a governor is th... Read More »

How would you address a governor of a state?

Criminal youth should definitely have their privacy protected. Not only does it show respect for them as a person but it will help them return to their normal lives after they have served their time.

Who was the first African American to become a state governor?

The first African-American to become a state governor was Pickney Benton Stewart Pinchback. He served as acting governor of Louisiana from December 9, 1872 to January 13, 1873 after Governor Henry ... Read More »

How did the governor of Ohio respond to the burning down of a building at Kent State University?

No. If you don't have a scholarship, it pays for none of your tuition.