If you could dedicate some songs to disgraced Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, which ones would you select?

Answer "Adios"- KMFDM"$hit For Brains"- KMFDM"Loser"- The Descendants"Abolish Government"- TSOL"Go To Hell"- KMFDM"Small Man, Big Mouth"- Minor Threat"Liar"- Sex Pistols"Problems"- Sex Pistols"I Hate You"... Read More »

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Can a new spouse be added to a divorced spouses insurance right away in New York if he is a retired New York sanitation worker?

Answer As long as you have a valid marriage license. Check this link in fact, the new spouse must be added within 30 days

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Madison Square Garden is located in the heart of Manhattan and features a wide array of events, including comedy shows, concerts and sports competitions. Visitors to the area are within walking dis... Read More »

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What does governor mean in British?

A governor is defined as person who is in charge of a particular organization. However, the term "guvnor" is British slang for a boss or someone in charge of an institution.Source:Merriam Webster D... Read More »