Duties of the Illinois Governor?

Answer Each state has its own executive branch, which is headed by the governor, who is essentially the state's chief executive. The governor is responsible for controlling the state's budget, making sure... Read More »

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If you live in Florida but work in Illinois can you avoid paying Illinois state income taxes?

No because Illinois will want some state income taxes paid on the income that was earned in Illinois.

If a car is registered in Illinois and someone with an Indiana drivers license drives it can the driver be insured in Illinois?

How to Run for Lieutenant Governor?

No matter the size of the state, running for statewide office is a significant challenge. Lieutenant governor is the rare position that carries few if any responsibilities but is just one step away... Read More »

Duties of the Governor of Maryland?

The governor of Maryland is the state's chief executive. Elected by the people of Maryland to renewable four-year terms, the governor has a wide array of duties responsibilities that he must compet... Read More »