How to Run for Lieutenant Governor?

Answer No matter the size of the state, running for statewide office is a significant challenge. Lieutenant governor is the rare position that carries few if any responsibilities but is just one step away... Read More »

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Duties of the Illinois Governor?

Each state has its own executive branch, which is headed by the governor, who is essentially the state's chief executive. The governor is responsible for controlling the state's budget, making sure... Read More »

How to Remove a Nissan Governor?

Speed freaks and tech tuners are better off removing the speed governor --- this will enable them to better explore the capabilities of their Nissan. Remember that various rules and guidelines in y... Read More »

Lieutenant Governor Job Description?

While the vice president of the United States may seem like a useless enough job, a state's lieutenant governor may seem even more of a non-job. Some states don't even bother to have the office. Bu... Read More »

How to Adjust the Governor & Carburetor?

Most small engines such as lawn mowers or tillers for the garden run on a combination of a carburetor and a governor working together to control the speed of the engine as well as the mixture of ai... Read More »