Who was the Greek god or goddess of art?

Answer Athena is the Greek goddess of the arts. In addition to the arts, Athena is also the goddess of wisdom, war, industry, justice and skill. Athena is the daughter of Zeus and his first wife Metis.Ref... Read More »

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Who is the Greek goddess of art?

Athena is the Greek goddess of art, as well as wisdom, industry, justice and skill. She is known as Zeus' favorite daughter, and the city of Athens bears her name.References:Encyclopedia Mythica: G... Read More »

Greek Mythology in Art?

The characters of Greek mythology still intrigue the imagination with their fantastic exploits and adventures. They have been immortalized by the written word and by their depiction in various form... Read More »

How to Act Like a Greek Goddess?

If you want to be like a goddess or god, either Roman or Greek, then just follow everything below. It's really easy, as long as you believe you could be a god or goddess!

Who is the god Poseidon of Greek mythology?

According to "Myths of the Ancient Greeks," Poseidon was the God of the Seas. He is often pictured holding a trident and surrounded by dolphins. Ancient Greeks believed that when Poseidon was angry... Read More »