Who is the funniest movie character of all time?

Answer frank drebbin,funny as fcuk

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Is adam sandler the funniest movie actor of all time?

he's funny but of all time not even close. he's not even in the top 20 sorry but the truth shall set you free lol

Funniest movie. i have a list, which one is the funniest!?

among that list...i'd say either Team America or Happy Gilmore. Close 3rd is Billy Madison. I love Sandler, but I did not like 8 Crazy Nights

Funniest Character In Family Guy?

oh it HAS to be stewie - hands downbut i like how meg gets victimised! :)

Scariest movie Funniest movie?

Scary-Insidious -very freakyFunny-Three Stooges - this was very funny,non stop gags