Who is the founder of the Harlem Renaissance?

Answer While there was no actual founder of the Harlem Renaissance movement of the early 20th century, many consider Alain Locke as one of the foremost leaders and the chief interpreter of the movement. L... Read More »

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Results of the Harlem Renaissance?

Beginning in the New York area of Harlem in the late 1910s and extending right up to the outbreak of the World War II, the Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement that sought to forge a cultural... Read More »

When did the harlem renaissance end?

The Harlem Renaissance, an explosion of Negro art, music, writing and culture, ended around 1935. The movement, centered in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, spawned such artists as Langston Hug... Read More »

When was the harlem renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance started in the 1920s, a time in U.S. history known as the Jazz Age. It continued into the mid-1930s. This cultural movement started in Harlem, New York, a community that was ... Read More »

Famous Places of the Harlem Renaissance?

From the early 1920s to the late 1930s, a small section of Manhattan became a haven for African-American music, literature, dance and art. This cultural movement, known as the Harlem Renaissance, i... Read More »