Who is the founder of Alltel?

Answer According to "The New York Times," the forerunner of Alltel Corporation was founded in 1960 by Weldon W. Case, when Case combined five Ohio telephone companies into Mid-Continent Telephone, a holdi... Read More »

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AllTel has a very good reputation in th wireless world. Customer service is rated higher than most of the big players - with the exception of T-Mobile, and VZW - they are hard to beat.If you would... Read More »

What is Alltel?

Alltel was a phone company for more than 60 years. The company started out small, but after merging with Verizon became part of the largest cell phone service in America.OriginsAlltel was founded u... Read More »

How often do you have to top up with Alltel pay as you go?

With the Alltel Pay As You Go Prepaid plan, the top-up frequency depends on how much you use the phone and the amount of time that has passed. If you use all the prepaid minutes within 60 days, you... Read More »

Who started alltel?

Weldon W. Case founded the company that would become Alltel in 1960 when he merged two telephone companies to create Mid-Continent Telephone Corporation, according to In 1... Read More »