Who was the second left-handed President?

Answer The second left-handed President of the United States was Herbert Hoover. There have been eight left-handed Commanders-in-Chief in U.S. history (as of 2010), with the first being James Garfield. Ha... Read More »

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Who was the Second revolutionary Mexican president who took aid from the US but strongly resisted American Military intervention in his country?

Ali babba and the forty thieves?

Ali Baba (Arabic: علي بابا) is a fictional character based in Ancient Arabia. He is described in the adventure tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, part of The Book of One Thousand and On... Read More »

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How to Survive Turning Forty?

While some believe 40 is the new 30, many women and men find the landmark birthday the official entry into middle age--and a little depressing.Aging is both a state of mind and a physiological fact... Read More »