What are your favorite and least favorite things about being pregnant?

Answer I had the worst constipation and gas build up. It hurt so much I couldn't breath without hurting. I drank milk of magnesia and its grosssss and it didn't help very much. I would cry because it k... Read More »

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What's your Favorite or Least Favorite Steve Martin movie?

Favorite: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Least: Cheaper By the Dozen

What's your FAVORITE or LEAST FAVORITE Will Smith movie?

favoriteALIrunner upI Am Legendleast favoriteTHE WILD, WILD WESTrunner upHancock

What is your favorite made up statistic or other woo spouted by our favorite "see a professional homeopath"?

Favourite piece of nonsense she made up herself: 'If you survive (chemo), you probably were misdiagnosed in the first place''.…Second favourite, same link:... Read More »

Can you give me some of your favorite songs i need a new favorite?

linkin park rocks! i m saying u some of the sings from linkin parknumb,breakng the habits,in the end,forgotten,a place for my head,crawling,new divide,encore numb,bleeded out,faint,in the endthey a... Read More »