Who is the father of oceanography?

Answer Born in 1806, Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury is considered the father of oceanography. His most famous work involved wind and current charts, which aided in shortening travel time and improved c... Read More »

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Oceanography School Projects?

Ocean water encompasses 71 percent of the planet's surface and supports nearly half of all life on Earth. Humans still haven't explored over 95 percent of the ocean habitat. Oceanography is the sci... Read More »

List of Oceanography Careers?

Oceans cover a majority of the earth. This makes oceanography a field with seemingly endless possibilities for work and discovery. From the study of life underwater to that of water itself, there a... Read More »

Earth & Oceanography Physical Science Projects?

Issues affecting the Earth and oceans form an interesting and varied base upon which you can focus your science project. Combine background research and completion of your own, original experiments... Read More »

Mother did not tell father she was pregnant to prevent father from seeing baby What should father do?

well in how in the first place, if this is this the father, how did u find out in the first place? and then i would go down to the local court house and file either solecustody or joint custody. th... Read More »