Who is the father of numbers?

Answer The ancient Greece mathematician, Pythagoras of Samos, is generally considered the "Father of Numbers" for his many contributions to number theory. His most famous legacy is the Pythagorean Theorem... Read More »

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Who is considered as the father of numbers?

Pythagoras of Samos, a mathematician in ancient Greece, is considered the "Father of Numbers." Pythagoras made various contributions to number theory, but is most well known for the Pythagorean The... Read More »

Mother did not tell father she was pregnant to prevent father from seeing baby What should father do?

well in how in the first place, if this is this the father, how did u find out in the first place? and then i would go down to the local court house and file either solecustody or joint custody. th... Read More »

Does a father have legal options available when the mother has promoted her boyfriend to the role of father while keeping the birth father with a custody agreement from being able to perform that role?

Answer No, that is not a legal issue.The modification of a custodial order will not change the situation at hand. A judge will not issue an order of how a child should or should not refer to anoth... Read More »

Child has had no contact with bio father in 3.5 years. Child is 4 and stepfather wants to adopt. Bio father will not voluntary terminate rights. What is the process to have step father adopt?

Ring the Dept for chid Protective Services and ask for relevant forms. They will also let u know of family court forms u need to submit. There is alot involved and some legal advice or a lawyer wou... Read More »