Uses of Sulfur in Modern Chemistry?

Answer Sulfur is the 16th element on the periodic table and falls under the nonmetal categorization utilized by most chemists. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, sulfur is a naturall... Read More »

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Who is the father of chemistry?

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier is considered to be the father of modern chemistry. He often experimented with nature of combustion, proving that oxygen was needed in order for something to burn.Referenc... Read More »

Who is the father of the modern helicopter?

Igor Sikorsky is the father of the modern helicopter, according to the RT website. Sikorsky invented the first double-bladed single vertical rotor. Sikorsky's VS-300 became the model for all single... Read More »

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Who is the father of modern geometry?

Enclid of Alexandria (325 - 265 BC) is known to be "one of the greatest of all the Greek geometers" and the father of modern geometry. He wrote "The Elements," a 13-book treatise on geometry.Source... Read More »