Who is the father of modern atomic theory?

Answer The 18th-century English scientist John Dalton formulated a five-part theory stating that all matter consists of basic units called atoms. Although some credit the Croatian mathematician Roger Bosc... Read More »

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When did Democritus discover the atomic theory?

The exact date when Democritus developed atomic theory is unknown because the accounts of his life are largely considered unreliable, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Scholars generally agree ... Read More »

What is the Modern Portfolio Theory?

Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a framework that combines logical assumptions and statistical data, to help investors create portfolios. Modern portfolio theory calculations work to eliminate the ... Read More »

Who is the father of modern finance?

Who is the father of modern cartooning?

Peter Arno was the creator of single-panel illustrations for The New Yorker magazine in the early to mid-20th century and is considered the father of the genre. Will Eisner is considered the father... Read More »