Who is the dramatic foil in the play Oedipus?

Answer The foil, or contrasting character, for the title character in the play "Oedipus Rex," is Tiresias. His calm demeanor is the opposite of Oedipus', and this makes the main character's faults all the... Read More »

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Why does jocasta not want Oedipus to find out his true identity what does Oedipus think the reason is?

jocasta eventually figures out that Oedipus is indeed her son and does not want Oedipus to discover his true identity because she knows it will only lead to harm. She later hangs herself because sh... Read More »

In preschool, what's the difference between "creative play" and "dramatic play"?

Creative play is painting, drawing, making clay sculptures, art in general.Dramatic play is dressing in costume, dancing, plays, singing, etc..Spent five years working in a daycare.

What is a dramatic play?

Dramatic play teaches new skills and abilities to very young students even as it engages their imaginations through their natural love of play.DefinitionPTO Today defines dramatic play as a structu... Read More »

What is dramatic&imaginative play?

Young children need plenty of time for playing. Playtime is when children learn about the world around them, playing out roles they see in adults or experimenting with new materials and toys to mak... Read More »