Who is the creator of the iPod?

Answer The iPod is usually associated with Steve Jobs, head of Apple, but was in fact created by a team. The creation of the iPod was mostly handled by Jon Rubinstein, Tony Faddell, as well as Steve Jobs.... Read More »

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What is the name of the creator of the ipod nano?

What is the difference between and Ipod Touch and another Ipod like the Ipod Nano?

Ok ma ' am I'm an apple store manager and from my experience from the first iPods to the newest ones is quality , durability , product activity , connectivity , and just plain useful , let's look a... Read More »

How to Retexture in FPS Creator?

Some softwaer programs, such as FPS Creator, can make creating games much easier than writing the necessary code from scratch. FPS Creator utilizes a prebuilt engine that allows you to create first... Read More »

Who is the creator of earphone?

most of them are free but some might have virus so watch out what your downloading