How to Become a Creator?

Answer A Creator is an adherent of the religious tenets of Creativity, a pro-White and non-deistic religion founded in 1973 with the publication of the book Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen.

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What is a PDF creator?

A PDF creator is a program that creates documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF) file type. PDFs are valuable tools, allowing for a mutable compilation of images and text with simple formatt... Read More »

Who is the creator of Cubism?

Art historians generally consider Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque to be the originators of Cubism, and point to Picasso's 1907 painting "Demoiselles D'Avignon" as the first Cubist work. The name "... Read More »

Creator of the first headphones?

Fake, i got 2 pairs and all the tell tale signs, green text on packaging, decall wears of instantly, no serial numbers, sound crap!, ive heard many reports of PURE BASE aka Read More »

Who is the creator of earphone?

most of them are free but some might have virus so watch out what your downloading