Who is the black actor in the green outfit in the nano shoots video commercial?

Answer I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet..clever. going to try the rice method

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What is the song from the new Directv commercial Where the guy shoots the film guy to steal the movies The commercial is called Don't just watch TV?

Why does my video go black after a commercial ends?

Onions growing green shoots?

Sprouting onion are less desirable for eating, but they don't turn "poisonous" or anything. If they're still firm to the touch, you can still use them in cooking.Yes, you could plant them, but sin... Read More »

Whats the name of the song where in the music video it's a black guy singing in front to green wall?

Any extra information please?Rock? Jazz? Rap?...Did he have a hat on or a funky haircut or anything?