Will Verizon wireless become a carrier of the iphone 3G?

Answer It's true that Verizon Wireless WILL become a carrier of the iPhone 3G. The Verizon Wireless company and Apple have negotiated; the results are that the iPhone will be available for Verizon Wireles... Read More »

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What happens when your wireless carrier does not allow calls to the numbers your dialing?

How does one operate wireless remote RFL-0601E of Carrier Air con?

Go to Carrier documentation site: will need to know the model number of your A/C unit

What wireless carrier was the first to enable iPhone service?

Well the first American carrier was AT&T which payed extra to be the only carrier to own the iPhone until March 2011 when Verizon broke the contract and a CDMA version was made, doubling sales.

How do you unlock an Apple iPhone 2G to use it with another wireless carrier?

You need one with a SIM Card slot. From there, find a GSM carrier, buy a SIM card and slip it in. (T-Mobile, AT&T, and every European carrier is GSM).