Who is the best son in the world?

Answer Answer The one that exceeded his parents expectaions and was still happy.

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Which is the best Docter and best Hospital in the World?

The best doctor is the one whom you feel most comfortable with and who can treat you properly. The best hospital varies depending on what affliction is being treated. They all have specialties.

What car is the best in the world?

By far The AMC Gremlin, especially the green ones. Anyone old enough to remember these beauties knows the styling, handling and performance are unmatched. I can't imangine why they ever stopped ... Read More »

Best speakers in the world?

Hi. Best speakers in the world ?.Impossible to say.You would have to listen to all of them to pick one. Ok how much are you prepared to spend. Are the speakers mainly for music in a 2 channel syst... Read More »

Best song in the world?