Who is the greatest and best-known singer or group of all time?

Answer Not my personal favorite...but I would have to say...Mick Jagger... The Rolling Stonesthat would fit into both categories..

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Watering your yard. Best in Morning Best in evening Tell me why you feel your time is the best time?

MASTER GARDENER WITH THE ONLY HORTICULTURAL SOUND REASON TO IRRIGATE IN THE MORNING.powdery mildew (10 different types)downy mildewbrown rotgray moldphytophthora brown rotblack spotwhite moldshot h... Read More »

What's your all time fav band or singer?

Green DayMy Chemical RomanceAnd you can never forget AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!Oh and also Aiden

How to Be the Best Singer You Can Be?

While practicing singing is an effective strategy towards reaching perfection, incorporating these other strategies into your daily routine will make you even better.

Best singer on glee Hottest?

Male singer - Finn I think... (though Shue was on Broadway so he's the absolute best but as for as the kids go...) Male hottest - PuckFemale singer - Quinn by far. And hottestSong - I LOVED their r... Read More »