I have lower back pains,right side pains, pains in right butt cheek down to right leg.What could it be?

Answer It does sound like a bulging disc and sciatica. I have suffered from this for over 20 years. Go to the Doctors or emergency ward at the hospital. They will order Xrays to determine the real cau... Read More »

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How do i flip my toolbar back to the bottom Firts person to answer right gets best answer!?

just drag it down and towards the middle of the bottom of screen

How do I know if my hot tub is running right?

Tub should circulate at all times when pump is turned on but only when pump is is on and not running off the timer you see recently I just put one in and then found out it needs to be hooked to a t... Read More »

How do I select the right running shoe?

Lay out a paper towel to check the arch of your foot by stepping in a shallow pan of water and then stepping on the paper towel. A high arch will have less water on the paper towel with most of it ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Women?

Choosing the suitable running shoes for women is so important if you want to practice your favorite sport in a healthy way but doing the right choice is not that simple; if you want to accomplish t... Read More »