What is the best A/V reciever?

Answer My choice for best A/V receiver would be the Arcam DiVA AVR350. Other competetive choices in the ultimate A/V receiver class are...- Onkyo TX-NR1000 (modular)- Denon AVR-5805CI (The largest receiv... Read More »

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Chineese satellite reciever?

I hope you didn't buy it....There are 2 basic recievers in use today...the DISH Network built by Motorola, and the Direct-TV recievers shared by Sony, RCA, Hughes and others.....Chinese satellite m... Read More »

What transmitter and reciever shall I get?

Hi there:I would call radio shack. They have then on hand at times okay? You have a fine day.

Sound from my reciever is dead.?

If you were playing Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber at the time of the malfunction, then that was the cause. Their so-called "music" tends to damage a lot of music systems. If not, it sounds like i... Read More »

Compared to a 5.1 home theater reciever to a 7.1?

YES YES YES 7.1 Is so much better when setup right.The idea is not just to sell you more speakers here. It's to help recreate the sound stage and or field. The idea is to install your front speaker... Read More »