What is the best A/V reciever?

Answer My choice for best A/V receiver would be the Arcam DiVA AVR350. Other competetive choices in the ultimate A/V receiver class are...- Onkyo TX-NR1000 (modular)- Denon AVR-5805CI (The largest receiv... Read More »

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Does a AVR reciever have to have THX to be worth looking at?

Hi.The answer is no. The manufacturer of the receiver is paying LUCAS FILMS LTD a fee for having the THX logo on the front of their equipment. And that is passed onto the consumer as part of the pr... Read More »

What transmitter and reciever shall I get?

Hi there:I would call radio shack. They have then on hand at times okay? You have a fine day.

Do you need a reciever to work a sound bar?

You do not need a receiver if you have a sound bar. You connect an optical audio cable from the tv audio output to the sound bar audio input. Before buying one, you should demo them first. Those ba... Read More »

Sound from my reciever is dead.?

If you were playing Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber at the time of the malfunction, then that was the cause. Their so-called "music" tends to damage a lot of music systems. If not, it sounds like i... Read More »