Who is, or was, the world's best guitarist?

Answer Jimi Hendrix followed by Joe Satriani and Santana

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Who do you think is the best guitarist of all time?

Jimi Hendrix - he combined blues with rock and made sounds that no one before or since can duplicate. He was able to play rhythm and lead on the same guitar at the same time and have complexity to ... Read More »

Who do you think the best guitarist is in history?

If you had the choice, who would you chose as the best guitarist from these three?

the clap, though i would also add "little cement fingers" elvis costello to the list

Which is the best Docter and best Hospital in the World?

The best doctor is the one whom you feel most comfortable with and who can treat you properly. The best hospital varies depending on what affliction is being treated. They all have specialties.