BeSt baND EVeR!?

Answer I heard that band is called The Abomination and Kool-Aid will sponser their tour.

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Best band ever?

Yes, I think they are. They are truly innovative and incredibly talented. The drummer is particularly awesome, Thomas Pridgen. Any guy that can earn an endorsement with a cymbal company at 10 or 11... Read More »

Who are the best band ever?

probaly any of these-1. 3 doors down2. Nirvana3. Beastie Boys4. fall out boy5. the beatles6. creed7. one rebublic8. fort minor9. green day10. blink 18211. elton john(never mind)12.weezer13. bowling... Read More »

Best rock band ever?

Which is the best rock band?

Simple......Black Sabbath....the Godtathers of Rock MetalAny arguments take them up with Mr. O. Osbourne or any of the thousands of bands influenced by Sabbath