Who is the best PVP in Diablo 2?

Answer On One Hand: Trap Assassins Using Mindblast Are DangerousIf you use an Assassin character in "Diablo 2" and focus on trap skills, you can defeat other players in player-vs.player mode with little f... Read More »

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The Best PvE Characters in "Diablo 2"?

Diablo 2 is an action RPG computer game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000. In the game, you play one of several heroes traveling through the world of Sanctuary trying to recapture three de... Read More »

What is the best Diablo 2 necromancer?

On One Hand: Poison and Bone Necromancer is PowerfulThe "Poison and Bone" set of spells for Necromancers in "Diablo 2" focus on direct damage and defense. It can do more damage and take more damag... Read More »

How to FC on Diablo 2?

"Diablo 2" is a role-playing game developed and distributed by Blizzard for the personal computer. The game lets players create a character from the ground up and fulfill that character's destiny b... Read More »

How to Juggle a Diablo?

Have you ever wanted something really cool to show off or impress your friends with? Well, how about learning how to juggle a diablo (Chinese yo yo) as well as learning how to throw and catch it. T... Read More »