What villain did vincent price play in the"batman"tv series?

Answer Vincent Price played the villain known as "Egghead" in seven episodes of the "Batman" television series during 1966 and 1967, according to the International Movie Database. Two of the appearances w... Read More »

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Should Batman fans acknowledge Batman Forever and Batman and Robin?

Haha! I thought I was the only one that doesn't acknowledge them.I mean I have to because they're there but I don't acknowledge them as real Batman movies.They're terrible and it's just hard to wat... Read More »

Can a villain kill off another villain?

A villain can kill anyone, even another villain, because by definition, a villain is a villainous person capable of any villainous act including the killing of a friendly villain.

How to Act Like a Villain?

Need a bad guy? Try this to make great Action, Sci-fi and horror villains. NOTE: This is how to WRITE a bad guy, as in a fiction work. There is no actual information on how to "Be the Villain" so t... Read More »

When is a villain the villan?

Its when vlad is the chosen one and is picked to be the new grand high vampire.