Who is the author who worked for the BBC?

Answer Its Paloma Faith, Upside down.

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Why would someone go to the extreme of telling a lie and then drive the police to the place where she said she worked for 4 years only to find that she had not worked there?

What does it mean by "Author withheld" in YouTube comments Who removed the comment YT or author?

It means The person who commented, has deleted his own comment.

Has this worked for anyone?

They're a billion dollar business, their main job is to make tons of profits, all shampoos are meant to clean, and conditioners are for curly/wavy, dry, damaged, straightened or chemically treated ... Read More »

This is what worked for me ttc.... it MAY help you x is this useful?

Thanks for posting. I'm with you all with way, except the bit about using egg-whites which can give you salmonella (yuck!) and isn't recommended by doctors. But you're totally on track with the ide... Read More »