Who is the author of the book oliver twist?

Answer The book "Oliver Twist" was written by English author Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870). He often tried to highlight social inequalities in his novels and bring them to the attention of his readers. H... Read More »

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When was Oliver Twist first published as a book?

Is Oliver Twist a children's book?

Oliver Twist is a crossover book, and is mostly suitable for adults and young adults or teenagers. There are simplified, or abridged versions for younger readers, however. I believe Usborne do a go... Read More »

What are some differences from the book oliver twist to the movie?

If you mean the musical movie Oliver!, the plot is much sanitized. The girls are not prostitutes, Fagin is not a pedophile nor is his Jewish heritage mentioned. And at the end of the movie, Fagin p... Read More »

What chapter in the book Oliver Twist is set in London?

In Part 4, Chapter 7 Oliver runs away from Mr. Sowerberry and walks the 70 miles to London. The rest of the action is set in and around the city.