If your car is stolen from your driveway and the thief damages someone else's property while driving the car who is responsible Does your insurance have to pay for the damage that a thief caused?

Answer Answer I'm pretty sure a lot of that depends on local laws, and also your insurance policy. I daresay you wouldn't have to fork out anything except your premiums for covering the cost of your car b... Read More »

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Who is the author the book you the people?

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Who is the author of the book"The Outsiders"?

The author of the 1967 young adult novel "The Outsiders" is Susan Eloise Hinton, whose pen name is S.E. Hinton. "The Outsiders" was her first published novel. A film adaptation was released in 1983... Read More »

Who is the author of the Halo book?

Many of the Halo books were written by Eric S. Nylund. Nylund has published three Halo novels and one Halo short story. He also is the author of six additional novels and two additional short stori... Read More »

Who is the author of"Tinkerbell"the book?

The author of "Tinkerbell," the book, is RH Disney. This author has written and illustrated many children's books, with several being Walt Disney Studio stories. "Tinkerbell" is a story based on t... Read More »