How to Start an Author Fan Club?

Answer Sometimes one writer can amaze you so much you want to start a fan club for him or her. Although some, such as J.K. Rowling or C. S. Lewis, are indeed 'stars' and probably have fan clubs already, w... Read More »

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Who produces Jay Leno's Automobile Author Book Club interviews?

I am not really sure.... but if you have the Weather Channel Desktop, you can get virus' such as Security Tool. The reason they get into it is because The Weather Channel is a trusted website and t... Read More »

How to Start a Fight Club?

Some see the movie or read the book "Fight Club" and think of it as just entertainment. Others see it and think of it as an eye-opener to a new, real way of life. This is not a means to start a rea... Read More »

How to Be a Fight Stopper on Club Penguin?

Have you ever seen your buddy get in a fight with someone and you didn't know what to do? Read this! It helps about 90% percent of the time!

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