Why is the book title A Clockwork Orange?

Answer the title a clockwork orange refers to : clockwork: meaning to be machine-like orange: a derivative of the term orangutan which is a monkey which is close to man... so the title relates to the c... Read More »

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Is the clockwork orange the book appropriate reading for a 14 year old?

In my opinion clockwork orange is an appropriate book for a person of this age. I'm 20 years old and read his book when i was about 16 and it has remained one of my favourites ever since. Certainly... Read More »

Where does Alex De Large in Clockwork Orange live?

How to Understand the 'Nadsat' Argot In "A Clockwork Orange"?

A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, is a compelling novel about morality and free will. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult read, especially the first few chapters, as much of the book... Read More »

What does it mean by "Author withheld" in YouTube comments Who removed the comment YT or author?

It means The person who commented, has deleted his own comment.