How to Do Tai Chi Harry Potter?

Answer Here are people practicing Tai Chi, but not Harry Potter Tai Chi!Tai Chi is a relaxing martial art, spiritually and physically. Harry Potter is an exhilarating edge-of your seat book. When combined... Read More »

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How to Be a Harry Potter Nerd?

All around the world people are reading and watching Harry Potter movies. So much people appreciate and are big fans of Harry Potter. With these steps you will know almost everything about Harry Po... Read More »

How to Fix a Harry Potter Wand?

Did your Harry Potter wand break? Do you look like Ron in the second movie right now? Well, have no fear, this article will show you how to magically fix it!

If Harry Potter had any siblings....?

Harry would have two sisters:The first one would be his twin, she would be called Hilary Lily Grace Potter, she would have straight black hair and the same piercing green eyes as Harry.The second s... Read More »

Harry Potter 5 question(s)?

Just elaborating more on what the guy above me said.Umbridge sent the dementors so that Harry would HAVE to use magic in front of muggles to get him expelled for doing so. At this point Harry had j... Read More »