Is mitt romney the anti-christ?

Answer Go back to sleep, you'rehaving a bad dream. You want to talk anti- christ......look at Hillary.……http://thehive.m... Read More »

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Star this question if you're anti- jonas and anti-hannah montana?

the jonas brothers and hannah montana are the essence of sh*t, the epitome of crap, and the worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be.On the other hand....F*CKIN SLAYER

My glasses are Anti-Glare (Anti-reflection)..for only about three weeks!?

I'm an Optician and I HATE those so-called "lens sprays". The problem with them is that if you have any debris, dirt, crud, or dust on the lens and you spray the lens with that stuff, all it does ... Read More »

What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware security package for my computer?

No single anti virus program is perfect. A friend's PC was hacked several months ago and several viruses left on his PC. We ran three different scan programs on it and each found different viruses!... Read More »

What free anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware/malware do you recommend?

I'd recommend using AVG anti-virus, Comodo firewall, AVG anti-spyware along with the firefox web browser or any browser other than internet explorer.