Who is the actors in the direct tv dirtbag commercial?

Answer 278 - Discovery413 - Discovery en Espanol436 - Discovery Familia279 - Discovery Health Channel294 - Discovery KidsBTW- You can use the Menu button -> Search for Shows -> Channel -> Then type the ch... Read More »

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Dr Phil the whise old dummy once said that if you feel like a dirtbag and people say your a dirtbag its probley because your a dirtbag am i really a dirtbag?

Who are actors in direct tv bank robbery commercial?

there are more than 265 channels depending on the package you will be getting. refer to the related link that i will include with this wiki.

Who are the actors in the Packers 49ers Direct TV commercial?

The priest is a seasoned actor by the name of Pat Mulvihill. He is represented by a Chicago talent firm.

Who are the actors in the direct tv Dallas Cowboys commercial?

The Cab Driver is New York actor Leonid Citer of Russian decent. The Texas actors are veteran Native Texan Commercial, Film and TV actors David Born and Julia Lashae. Mr. Born was a regular on Fri... Read More »