Does anyone know what actor dennis watermans doing these days?

Answer Dennis Waterman has acted in a number of TV movies and TV series since "Minder" ended in 1989, of which "New Tricks" is the most recent TV series. The following are some TV series in which he has... Read More »

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Is Jenny Garth of Dancing with the Stars any relation to actor Ken Howard the actor currently starring on Cane on CBS?

Answer Allegedly Ken Howard is 'checking out' the ballroom; he may be a contestant on the next season. As to why he's always shown in conjunction with Jennie Garth, perhaps she doesn't have the big... Read More »

Who is the actor actor played Bruce Manly on Eureka?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

What does"Dennis"mean?

Dennis is a common first name for men and common last name for men and women. The name Dennis has a Greek origin and means follower of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine. Dennis was a popular baby n... Read More »

Who is Dennis the raccoon?