Ping-Pong Techniques?

Answer Ping-pong is one of the fastest sports in the world. Ping-pong strengthens the arm muscles and reflex skills and improves hand-eye coordination. An hour-long game of table tennis burns almost 300 ... Read More »

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How big is a ping pong paddle?

A ping pong paddle, also known as a table tennis racket, can be any size, shape or weight, provided that 85 percent of its thickness is natural wood. The rubber surface can be no more than 2mm thic... Read More »

How to Be Good at Ping Pong?

Have you ever wanted to play ping pong, but you just couldn’t play well? Well, here's some advice on how to play ping pong, or table tennis well. Read on to find out!

How big are ping pong tables?

A table tennis (ping-pong) table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high. The net is 6 inches high and the outer limits of the net extend 6 inches past the sidelines.Source:Dimensions

How to Decorate a Ping-Pong Room?

Ping-Pong is a registered trademark for a popular brand of table-tennis equipment. Decorate your Ping-Pong room to set the mood for fun, playful games or heavy competition depending on your prefere... Read More »